During last years a lot of cloud services were released, first just for data hosting and after for complete online services. Advantages are concretes and without doubts in a lot of cases, even in maintenance field, but they have to be used in an appropriate way.

However, we disagree on commercial policies based on the payment of monthly / annual fees per user / location, etc., in the context of maintenance management. This is because over the years we have seen that the process of adopting a maintenance management software (CMMS) takes a long time to get up and running, more than any other business software. It takes time to create a good configuration of elements and structure, it takes time to insert all the machine documents, it takes time to configure all the maintenance cards, it takes time to code all the personal data (operators, materials, instrumentation, etc. ), but the most important: it takes time to create a maintenance history, very useful for the maintenance technician who can see what has been done in the past and how it was solved, a concrete help in maintenance failures that despite all the programming will always remain and last but not least , also useful for determining maintenance improvement indices that everyone praises. What if, after all this, the company decides or cannot continue to pay the fees? All lost?

This is why for now we are convinced that “lifetime” licenses are better in this context and that therefore also our web proposal is always linked to the installation on the customer’s machines or cloud systems. It will then be up to him to decide whether and how best to use remote access from inside or outside. In practice, you have the same functionality, but with the certainty of always having what you paid for.